I Just Got Out Of A Bad 4 Year Relationship!!

The guy I had been with and engaged to for four years just ended. We found out that we just couldn't do it any more we fought a lot and couldn't get along in a relationship. We always worked better as friends so that's what we planned but he recently got a new gf who is a lot younger than him he's 23 and her 18 to me they aren't totally diff maturity levels but whatever. There is a lot about him I cannot get over and idk how to move past him. He's a cheater and a liar so idk why I want to hold on he's obviously moved on! And has cheated on me a couple times so yea I'm done and don't want to be in that relationship anymore! And I am talking to a new guy who is everything I could have asked for he's nice and sweet and likes a lot of the things I do but for some reason I still think about the ex! Please help me move past him!!!!
Nicoleh7213 Nicoleh7213
22-25, F
1 Response Feb 5, 2013

I think what your holding on to is what you and him could of been and more that he has this new girl you feel like well what is it about her that makes you want to be with her. I think in the end you need some closer with this guy. But you guys are both dating do you don't want to seem like you still have feelings. Problem is you do still wonder about the future