It was already months that it was settled. My best friend and I already agreed that I deserved a long spanking for being disrespectful to him. Finally this morning we scheduled it. I am 29 and I am not really used anymore to this kind of treatment but I really screwed up this time so I definitely deserved it. My friend put a wooden chair in the center of the room, then ordered me to go and fetch the hairbrush. When I came back with the implement I fear most and I gave it to my friend I was shaking a bit for the fear. He pronounced the dreaded words "come over my knees".
I went, knowing that hesitating would have resulted in more swats. He slowly pulled down my pantts and underwear. Then the spanking started, immediately with the hairbrush on my poor naked butt. It went on alternating hand and hairbrush for 15-20 min. I was really in pain but my friend was holding me so that I couldn't escape. Finally the punishment ended, my *** dark red and me sobbing in pain. Now I am in my bed and my poor bottom is still burning like crazy! I deserved it but I hope it will pass soon.
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1 Response Mar 31, 2016

Did you feel better after you took the spanking?

Yes, I know that I paid for what I did so I am fine. But still my *** burns