How Could I Go Wrong With Such A Cool Lady Who Picked Me? Read Below...

I have a profile on some well known social networking site. For some reason it is pretty dormant most of the time. Friends I have on there never send anything and I'm absolutely not any better. So for some reason this super message pops up. A pretty lady wants me! I have no clue who she is or how she got to pick me, but seems like a sure thing that she'll marry me and all will be perfect, right? That's if I can get my act together and meet her high standards. Well, she can't write very well, so I probably won't have to be perfect neither. Read this:


How are you doing?my name is Erika,35 years old,140 lbs,5:7ft tall.I'm an antique dealer and into buying and selling of antiques,i live in Madison-Wisconsin but presently on a tour to United Kingdom for collection of antiques and will be back in states soon.I'm single, have no kids also i am a christian and attend catholic church.I'm looking for a true love, a pure love that may end both of us to the altar if chemistry find it's way between us and we both are compatible.

Here are the qualities that i want in my kind of man:- humble,passion,compassion,romantic,honesty,communi

cation,educated,generous and with a good behavior. I don't play games on here and am not ready to be played as well.About distance,distance is not a problem for me in a relationship if true love takes place between us and i found the right man of my choice with the listed qualities i mentioned earlier. More so i will not mind relocating to where ever he may be residing as long as i found him and we both feel love for each other.

I want a man who will be my beloved husband to be and i will be his beloved wife too for better for worse and to show me his love and care for me also someone who we can share things together,advice each other, encourage one another, someone to express his feelings with me and will express mine and one to stand beside me as my husband to start a new family life together.I'm a very busy lady and very independent,i will like you to tell me about yourself also i have some question for you,What do you do for a leaving?How long have you been married or single?Do you have children?How old are you?

I will be waiting to hear from you as soon as possible, Kindly get back to me at: (queen_seeking_king45@YAHOO.COM)  so i can send you some of my pictures.

Yours Sincerely,


I'm not sure if I'm braking any rules by plastering this on here, but something tells me it is worth a discussion....

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My opinion is that you should write back to her, but be on your guard. See who she is. If it is a scam, she will probably will be asking for money to return from England. If you assume every positive response is a scam, why are you bothering to do this in the first place?

Someone this great shouldn't be looking that far. Just my opinion :)

Thank you all. I wasn't about to pack my bags as this is not the first time I've gotten this type of message. Are they trying to come to America or is it just all about money? I just find this so weird. Each time they have a beautiful picture, but only one or two. The profile has no info at all.

I wouldn't go to Wisconsin if I were you 0.0

Yes, the one that Zanandi wrote about said she was from Houston, TX and then after time passed she supposedly went to Nigeria.

Looks like one of those Nigerian scams to me. I would be very careful.