Way To Go, Admins!!

So, I belong to the Childfree group here on EP and have made several very adamant, very unambiguous posts outlining my distaste for the larvae of our species... don't like kiddos and never wanted any. EVER. So what do I see when I log into EP this morning? A warm and friendly invitation to join the I WANT A BABY group on this site, and a reminder that this is National Baby Food Month, or somesuch. LOL. How about getting in touch with me when Purina or Science Diet decide to dedicate a month to my choice of quadruped?

I think I'll start a group called "I Am A Black Panther" and see how long it takes to get invited to join in on "I am A Tea Partier".
RedRover RedRover
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1 Response Aug 2, 2010

I like this.