First Time!

With a bit of advice from a few EP friends, I just had my first DP and it was for my EP lover.  The prep was the most important as having tried anal before, it did not do much for me.  After a few caring and friendly EP friends, I decided that my very first DP needed to happen, it was just  getting everything together.  I first thought it would be very simple, but locating a suitable pair was not as easy as I thought.  Just about everbody wanted to participate, but when they found out that I wanted to do it right now, the pickings became real thin.  I could not believe it.  With all of the sexual partners that I have made very happy, why was I having a hard time locating a pair to make ME happy?  After so many calls , I realized that something like this would just take some advance scheduling, so I found a very willing accomplice who insisted that he could provide the required equipment the next afternoon.  The schedule was approved by both myself and the EP friend who convinced that I should at least try it before I completely dismissed it.   Traffic was hell today{of course!} and we got started a bit late but better late than never as my EP friend insisted. As we began, I realised that all had not been considered in the beginning.. It is not very easy to type while being hoisted off of the floor my a couple of very athletic men pumping away at me.  Actually it cannot be done, so I had to break done and {I cannot believe this} enlist the fingers of my husband to type the "blow by blow" back and forth with my EP friend.  I MADE him promise to type exactly what I was saying AND give a sideline commentary while we were enjoying it.  While he has been involved with me and other lovers in the past, this was so much more than unique, but almost as much fun as I have had since He introduced me to my first sloppy seconds. Gravity is not necessarily your friend while trying this.  It may be simpler in the future but I must admit that this was HARD in a great many ways.  Coordinating all of the many incoming and outgoing mails{males also} had him barely able to enjoy the scenery.  It was so much more than I had ever expected, just like my first sloppy sceonds, but like that, this WILL happen again and again, until I get it right.  Anybody know if they make a voice activated keyboard?
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1 Response Sep 12, 2012

Dragon is some of the best voice transcribers around:

But, excuse me, why not do this project in person? Would it not be MUCH more ... er ... personal?

Voice transcriber equals "voice activated keyboard".