And WOW what a crazy full of energy and sexy woman she is. Don't know if there is a relationship there or not but as far as first dates go.. This one was wild and fun.
Not going to lie here. I was intimidated by the whole wheelchair thing (oh stop judging me, most of you people would have never made eye contact with a person that uses a wheelchair much less asked her out on a date so keep your self righteous lies to yourselves) but got over that pretty quickly. I assume she is a paraplegic but that topic never came up.. I was curious but wasn't comfortable asking. I'd go out with her again though. Had a hell of a time.
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We lose one part of ourselves and another takes over...wonderful story!

Yea maybe.. Other than the whole wheelchair thing she was pretty 'normal'. Glad I asked her out though. The woman talks more sh!t than I do and that is saying something. Really it was about the best night I have had all year and I own a bar in the Everglades... I have some fun nights.

It really is wonderful to hear this. Do it again! Tell us what happens...