Loved It, Even Though I Failed :p

ok so im 16 and just got my first kiss. I loved it so much that, like the movies, i collapsed to the ground in happiness. Only problem was that my version of a kiss was different then hers. i had planned to move things slow, and giver her a dry kiss, just to get things started. Jenny however...had other plans, and tried making out with me :p. Keep in mind, we tried kissing several times before, i just missed every single moment by accident, except for that one time in iparty where i tried kissing her and she missed it. There were so many perfect moments, even before we were dating. There was this one part in the park where my friends said, " We're not leaving until you guys kiss!!" Then jenny pushed me into a bush and tried laying on top of me and making out with me, in front of my two friends, and a lady with her kids getting into a car >XDDD. I was like, no jenny not now, for two reasons. one is because i didnt want to corrupt the mind of the young, and two, was tht i would have gotten a massive *****, and she's like...borderline nympho so that night wouldve ended in sex whether i liked it or not. Either way, im glad i got my first kiss with the girl i wanted it to be with :) and that its out of the way and i dont have to think about it anymore. great way to end the school year!
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no we broke up some time ago, im with someone else now :)