Not At All What I Had Expected

When most people think of a first kiss, they might think of a movie where it is sweet and great. However, here this is NOT the case.

I am 18 and for a while now I just wanted to get my first kiss over with. It was almost like a burden because everyone in my class had already kissed someone. My best friend is a guy and I know that he really likes me but I didn't want to screw up the relationship that we have so I didn't want to kiss him. He has tried twice to kiss me and both times I've turned him down. I actually think I a starting to like him.. Anyways, his best friend has always had a thing for me too and is always talking to me about kissing. In my town, we have a little warm natural spring that we like to go swimming in often. I was texting *ok lets name him* Will and he asked me to go swimming with him. He told me he was alone and I though this was the perfect opportunity to get my first kiss over with! Mind you I really don't like this guy. A couple of friends showed up before I got there, and were still there when I came. I was really nervous and knew this kiss was going to happen. After everyone had gone, Will and I continued talking. All of the sudden he says, Suzi, I want to make up for that night.. and I said what night.. even though I knew what he was talking about... He said that he really wanted to kiss me and I could tell that he was super nervous, as was I. He leaned in and kissed me. I expected this kiss to be wonderful and the best thing that ever happened to me! but it wasn't. It wasn't a butterfly-warm-fuzzy-feeling kiss. It kinda grossed me out.. Not kinda, It really did. He told me I was a great kisser and wanted to do it again. So we did *Me thinking that it would be 10X better* NO definately not. He tried to make out with me and stuck his tongue in my mouth.. Even though he was experienced and I wasn't I could definately tell that he was NOT a good kisser. He walked me to my car and he said "One more?" I told him that I had to go... I guess that is why everyone tells you that you should kiss someone who you really like. #Sad first experience 
Suziqq Suziqq
May 6, 2012