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Well, I came down to San Miguel Mexico for a FULL Facelift. Good price, great doctor with 23years experience, and also a very renouned Reconstructive Surgeon. I had a SMAS Facelift which a very extensive facelift that pulls up the muscles underneath the skin on the face and neck, it will last appoxiamately 10 years, but it is usally the most expensive type of facelift.. I also had a Brow Lift, upper and lower Bleph or Eyelid Surgery. I've never had plastic surgery before, but have had several intense operations for broken bones and car wreck injures. So i thought it would be fairly simple, RIGHT? NOT!!! I am still sitting down here in Mexico in my hotel room on my last night and I fly home tomorrow.

Today is my 7th day after surgery and I look terrible. Everyone tells you there is not pain and you'll be back at work in a week or 2. Hmm, I'd like to say there has been plenty of pain and headaches. I am purple, red, blue, a sickly green and I have broken blood vessel red eyes from the eyecups they put in for the Bleph. There is extreme tightness from my neck to my ears. (i thought i would choke at first) The tightness is loosening up. But man, I am far from being able to go back to work, exercise, or see my family. This whole process has made a nervous wreck out of me. This is a very scary thing to do and I think people should be told REALLY what to expect. This IS NO VACATION. I do think the doctor did great sugery on me, but with this much surgery - something they call a Round Lift where you work with WHOLE face instead of just parts, the healing time (from the bruising, swelling, reajustment of your skin, and the numbness) is really about 3 months. The recovery from the numbness can take 3,6, months or even a year to return totally. Maybe several years if ever- in case you happen to be one of the unlucky 4% that don't ever recover fully from nerve damage. Their is also a chance of paralysis, but is rare. 

I had several consultations in the U.S. and they are very much SALESMEN. The problem is, that they are willing to sell you what is easiest, fastest and requires least amount skill and the least amount of risk to them. In other words, yes, they are out to make a quick buck at your expense. And what an expen$e it is! They will sell you procedures they will not achieve the results that you desire. I think that I received a great quality facelift, but I didn not expect it to be this invasive of a surgery and I did not expect the time it will take to recover. They do not tell you the REAL time it takes to recover. But I believe anyone that wants to have a face lift or any other plastic surgery should be prepared for the depression and anxiety that is involved with the surgery.

I only had local anaesthesia so I expected it to be much easier. And I am sure there are easier type facelifts, but they will not last as long and they might not achieve the results you are seeking. Some of them work if you are rather young, but I then believe you should wait until reach more mature and have aging face. Since I was having someone cut on my face, I wanted to get the best type the first time. Having to cut into your face several times causes that much more nerve damage. After going through (just beginning to go through) this scary numbness, swelling and bruising, I would not be so quick to want to get a "touch up.' This IS serious stuff and don't know how anyone could become addicted to it. Doing it once took a lot of guts. I at leas stayed in a hospital for 3 days. I don't know how doctors can send people home like they do.

All in all, I am hoping and praying that my skin evens out texturally, colorwise, and the numbess on my face returns to normal. I seem to have a lot of guilt for taking on voluntary surgury and then wanting some type of sympathy. I hope this story may help someone. I do know that if you are recovering I can feel your pain, fear, anxiety and guilt. If you are doing fine or great - I'm thrilled for you. Let's hope it works out for everyone.

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I know it's been awhile since you wrote this, but I'm wondering how you're doing. What you had done seems so extreme... what was your motivation for doing plastic surgery? Would you do it again? Was it worth it?

I'm considering getting something done but I have a few health issues and I'm scared of the pain. Your description REALLY made me think twice!

I just went to San Miguel 4 weeks ago. I had the same kind of complete facelift. SMAS. I stayed at Casa Marino which is through It was the best thing I did for myself. I had the same thing, looking tired, my neck looked like a mud slide. I lost weight recently and just was so depressed about the way I looked. I was always told I was a very attractive women my whole life until the last few years. It has gave me back my self confidence and I am happy again. It's not about looking young so much as looking how you feel. You can work out and make your body look great from the neck down, but you can't do anything about your face but to have a face lift. Oh and I love these 20 year olds that make fun of women who have plastic surgery. All I can say is just wait until they are in there 40's and being treated like **** every where they go. Come talk to me then. <br />
It isn't for the faint of heart though. Having a facelift is a long healing process, but oh so worth it.

I had a full facelift two and a half years ago and it was the best thing I ever did for myself. I used to look tired or sad when I wasnt and now a bit further on from surgery I would recommend it to anyone but it is major surgery with a general anaesthetic, drains, face bandages and after the bandages come off you wear a face bra.. which sounds funny but its actually really nice to put on because it give your face the gentle support it needs after having the surgery and takes some of the strain out of the facial muscles. Its worn for two weeks during the healing period. I was back at work after 2 weeks with only slight bruising and had a brow lift. There is minimal scarring now and even the beautician didnt know I had had one. I think whats important is the research you do before hand. Cheapest is not best and its best to go by recommendation. I knew of my surgeon before hand and that he had a good reputation and being very skilled wouldnt turn me into catwoman. After surgery there are staples and stitches.. discomfot, numbness and bruising and although it may sound strange.. it is definitely worth the discomfort. As the weeks the tightness and swelling lessens and the skin relaxes but with the tightening of the la<x>yer underneath the skin.. stays firm smooth and natural looking and its nice to wear make up with your new fresh face. I recommend if you want it.. go get it, but do it for yourself.. nobody else because you do have your moments afterwards and also its a head thing because you do look different to how you are used to yourself looking before the surgery and have to mentally get your head around that as well. Best Wishes to anyone considering plastic surgery and dont be afraid.. just do your homework well, so you can go into it fully aware of the surgeons skill, reputation and also what to expect in the post operative period.

How are you now? I would love to know if outcome was worth it all. I am always fascinated by great surgery as it really can change ones life. I hope nothing but the best for you. Please update if you can!

Thank you, "commongroundseekr" for your support. Acutally my facelift will "last" forever, but it does not stop time. I will always look "better or younger" than I would have, but I will still age. The doctor's don't tell you the "amount" of numbness and swelling you will experience or that it takes months or years to recover. The risks are much higher and trade-offs are much more extreme than ever expressed by most people or doctors.

Wow I really hope that you do get your desired effect, and I do hope that the results last longer than 10 years too ;) Take care (((hugs)))