Rotator Cuff Surgery

I am 9 weeks out from rotator cuff surgery. I had a bone spur which caused a partial tear. I only have 3 weeks of FMLA left and am worried that I will not be able to return to full duty as a nurse that has to be able to turn patients from side to side. Any thoughts on how long recovery should be for me? I have been going to physical therapy for 4 weeks now and do the exercises assigned for home. I still do not have full use of my arm. I cooked a full meal for the first time since surgery the other night and my shoulder and arm hurt so bad. Any thoughts or suggestions will be appreciated.
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1 Response Sep 29, 2011

My FMLA has already run out as of last week but the hospital I work for has not taken any action yet although I really thought they would due to the time that I have been off. Prior to my surgery they had told me as a general rule they let you return in 12 weeks but due to the nature of your work you would not want to re-injure yourself and I would think that could be so easily done. My thoughts are with you, your story is what drew my to this sight. It's a heavy burden to not only have to be feeling bad but then to have to stress of work on top of that is a lot. Take good care of your self first and foremost.