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Hi. I had rotator cuff surgery 5 weeks ago. My story mirrors many of those here... very painful at first, tapering now to where I'm down to 1/2 of one vicodin every 24 hours. I've been told I can do normal "everyday" activities, and can dress, shave, drive, etc. without pain, but sleeping is still rough, because I seem to "move wrong" in my sleep, and wake up in pain. My doctor says he doesn't want me to start PT until 12 weeks post-op. Others say that's way too late to start. Does anyone have feedback? I don't want to rush things because I can't imagine going through it all again, but I also would like to have full range of motion without pain one day...
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Hi, had my rotator cuff tears repaired 4 weeks ago. They started PT about 10 days after surgery. It's basically passive movement therapy where they try to increase my range of motion. It's extremely painful, like being on the rack! I hear they are going to tell me to take the sling off tomorrow, but still not going to be able to use my own muscles yet. This terrifies me because it's my right hand and I'm afraid I'll accidently reach for something. No doubt about it, this surgery is extremely painful and horrible to recover from. :-(

Hi, my name is patricia and i had full blown rotator cuff tear -99%- last year. I did the op last June and was in pain most of the time and i started my physio almost immediately while at the hospital. Guess what? Out of the 4 screws implanted on me my posterior screw gave way and now i am scheduled for another op this october. this time round they will be using titanium screw that will mushroom into my bone. My advise is give your body enough time to heal by itself and dont overdo any exercise otherwise you will be like me. somewhere along the line i must have strained too hard in wanting to have the full range and the screw gave way. So please take care time and exercise is of essence here. God bless you and i too have a very low threshold for pain. Even now i am in pain so i understand your problem. It will pass . Take care

12 weeks sounds to long, I had a massive tear and about to start pt after 61/2 weeks. Ive been doing exercise given by my ortho for 4x a day. Good luck, God bless

12 weeks sounds like way too long. My doc says he starts patients on PT 1-4 weeks post-surgery depending on the repair for each individual. I had a large full-thickness supraspinatus tear as well as a partial tear of the infraspinatus tendon. When he got in there, the doc had to anchor put more than one anchor in as my shoulder bone was soft from osteoporosis. He then started me on light PT week three post-surgery. I was in a sling for 6 weeks. A friend had her shoulder done and her doc never sent her to PT, she ended up with frozen shoulder and needed further surgery. Hers was workers comp, maybe that was why?

PieNsky... Very sorry that you have to join us in "shoulder surgery heck". It's been 7 weeks for me now and I'm still having a lot of pain at night. I decided to quit the opiates completely, so that might be adding to my discomfort. My advice is for you to sleep in a recliner for the first three weeks or so. It sucks but your shoulder will feel better. Keep the faith and let me know how you're doing...

Well,cub33,i am in hopes you are getting some more sleep these days, i dont have any feed back on the PT yet .Im going in this very am for my Rotator Cuff repair, seems the DR thinks my tear is large. ,i lost almost all my range of motion,May 6th when i snapped my cuff trying to recrank our old lawn mower, my shoulder made a loud pop and then my arm immediately went limp to my body then came all the PAIN>>>> since it was a Sunday I went to the Ugent Care Clinic, they did 2 xrays to see if it was dislocated ,it was not so they made me an appt the next day to go to the Orthopedic Clinic. the DR there did an Ultra Sound and showed me the tear.Next day i met the Surgeon,who confirmed the readings and disscussed treatment being here i go in One Hour!!!!! im not looking forward to all the pain that comes w/ this surgery and the super long rehab time w/PT but i want my arm back so you keep me posted on how your doing and when i can stand to type w/ my left non dominate i'll give you my results..:)