Just Had Cuff Surgery On Right Shoulder - 10 Days Ago

Hi everyone , ten ago i had cuff surgey on my right shoulder for a sizeable tear on my suprapsinatus - has was seen on the ultrasound and a bone spur to be shaved/removed , after surgery i was told besides the above a 2nd muscle/tendon was also repaired the subscapularis.
cleary this was a shock and with most people this was a very painfull proceedure immediately after surgery and still now , sleeping up right etc .

One of my points is when PT starts is there anymore scans like MRI etc - has how will it be known that the repair has not been retorn in the weeks prior to PT ?
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3 Responses Dec 10, 2012

Find a sports dr with ultrasound it's your only way to clearly see the tendon remains on.

Find a dr with ultra sound

I want to know if anyone has had difficulty with the cryo-cuff? The Velcro won't stick and it gets lose a lot. Also, how long does it take before one can sleep in a bed? I noticed that it was hard to get out of the bed.