I am 7 weeks post-op. Up until last week the amount of pain I have experienced was about 5% of what I expected. In other words the experience has been very good. I am sleeping normal without pain again.
The problem is I started therapy last week. After two days of exercise I began having an intermittent, very sharp pain in the front of my shoulder. Pre-op my pain ran over the shoulder and down the middle of my bicep. This pain is different. Not one particular movement causes it, but it is an excruciating stabbing pain that sometimes travels into the front of my shoulder blade. The same movement does not always result in this pain. I can do all my exercises without experiencing the pain. Anyone else have this occur?
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Have started pendulum exercises now and the pain is bad so I know what you mean.

I haven't got to the Physio part yet, still resting the repaired tendon but am expecting it to feel worse when I do. Keep telling yourself no pain no gain. Hopefully it will calm down once you've got good mobility of the shoulder and arm. Nasty things to have problems with shoulders....