Last Night

I just had sex last night with my girlfriend. She was really horny and offered me a blow job and of course I wouldn't pass up that opportunity. For me, blow jobs are always more enjoyable when I can see and grab her breasts while she is doing her thing so I asked her if she would take off her shirt and bra which she had no problem with because it was hot in her room. All she was wearing was a purple g-string that made her look so sexy.
She was doing great but either got bored or to horny and asked if we could just throw a condom on and have sex and I said I was fine with that. She started out on top just rocking back and forth with her hands on her headboard and her breasts where dangling right in my face. I had my hands on her hips helping her but occasionally would reach up and suck on her nipples and she would start moan.
We did several other positions but my favorite one of the night was where I was sitting at her desk chair and she was sitting in my lap facing me but leaning back with her hands on her bed. This position makes her perfect breasts thrust out a little bit and she just rolls her hips back and forth at different speeds. She looked so hot and would throw her head and hair back and start to bite her lip when she started to moan. I would also grab her *** and I could tell she loved my hands on her.
We did this for a little while but it takes a lot of effort so we ended with bending over on her bed and I was behind her. It didn't take much longer for me to ****** (in the condom). When she stood up you could tell she had a good time but was exhausted. She went to the bath room to clean up and I grabbed a towel and did the same. This morning she said that she felt sore and we probably wont have sex tonight. That's fine because I don't want to hurt her and I know she will want more when she's ready.
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2 Responses May 8, 2012

Holy smokes! Very hot story! *Pix fans herself*

Your GF sounds wonderful. Head and hair thrown back, biting lip and moaning... me too. Can just imagine that luscious woman in the profile pic doing that... while I'm in the chair. mmmm

please can you message me on how to go about it