I Had Sex This Morning

I was awaken this morning by the wife who was playing with me. She began to moan some while she was stroking me which told me she was wanting me and she would be wet. I slowly rolled over and just slipped into her wet ***** and and had a very nice slow quicky that will be on my mind all day. Man that is a good feeling.  

jimmyr51 jimmyr51 51-55, M 10 Responses Sep 10, 2009

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Lets talk again jummy, you don't live very far from me!

You and I have talked about it. Never know if your in town

Let me try her jimmy then I'll be the judge!

Thanks Willboo. In fact it was once again good yesterday Morning and had no complaints from her so I guess I at least still please her.

You lucky guy, I've seen your wife's ***** photo! Dam is it some thing, I could loose my face in it!

"slow quicky"<br />
Yup! What a perfect description! That's why I've started hanging around here. I learn something new almost every day!

Everyone at the office wanted to know what you were smiling about!!!

Yes it is. make a guy or girl feel good all day

Now that is a great way to start any day! Lucky guy.