Sweet Jesus, He Made Me Come So Hard Last Night...

I've always had good sex. But nothing that really rocked my world. Then I met this new guy....very athletic build, tall and handsome.

He came over to my place after we had been talking on the phone for a couple of weeks, and had finally scheduled a date to go out for something to eat last night...we never made it to the restaurant. Immediate chemistry when he walked in the door. We literally hugged and kissed and felt each other for an hour, kinda just melted into each other honestly. Then he slid my pants off, and kneeled down to lick me a bit to taste my wetness.

He picked me up and carried me into my bedroom, slowly removed the rest of my clothes and his, and pulled me close to the edge of my bed. Placing my ankles up towards his shoulders, he drove his thick, 8 inch + penis into my wet puzzy and shattered every idea I had about sex. He fukked me hard, soft, slow, fast...I came so hard 3 times, he said my vagina literally clenched onto him so hard each time that he could hardly keep moving. Then he turned me over, spread my knees out far to push me closer down on the bed, (cuz I have long legs) and drove it in doggie style and I came a 4th time so hard I soaked his penis while he sprayed his hot load inside me.  He lay down next to me and I could see he was literally shaking. I licked his penis dry and he told me how much he enjoyed watching his shaft driving deep into my beautiful puzzy.

We kissed and laughed and played around in bed the rest of the night. Our next date is scheduled soon!

Rachil Rachil
36-40, F
4 Responses Dec 27, 2009

Wow I want this - gotten close, but not like this. I wish I knew what happened next!


now come and do me rachil.

wow what a story i wish i could have orgasmized