I am in Zurich Switzerland on business. I met tonight not one, but two incredibly attractive women. They very quickly made it clear that they wanted to have sex with me together. That has been my longest unrealized fantasy. But tonight wasn't just about being with two hot women -- though that was great. It was about being free enough to tell them what I really wanted to experience -- something I've never been able to tell other women in my life. They very quickly figured out I like anal stimulation and switched to first a smallish and then a quite large ***** and proceeded to force me on my knees and drilled me for what seemed like hours. It was, indeed, the hottest sexual experience of my life. All the taboo stuff we did (including other things I'm not sharing here) were things I've secretly held on to for years. Being accepted, indeed celebrated for having those taboo interests was like lifting off a 500 pound rock I've carried around.
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If you start telling the story, u should not hold back :(

What a nice turn your trip took! Lucky you!