See I hate people who say they are gonna be there for you. Because the funny thing is, they are the first to leave..... Like why?
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It's something I like to call Friend Talk. They say what you wanna hear, or what they think you wanna hear. Real friends don't use Friend Talk.

That happens to me all the time. I feel people do it because they want to have something to talk about with others behind your back.

But I wouldn't worry about the fake people out there. No matter how many people you find that hide behind a mask, you'll find those that really are true to you and themselves.

That would be the flake's way of getting you to trust them quicker. I never say that. I'll say "I'm here" but saying something so inconceivable is idiotic...

Well it was someone I thought would always be there for me (my older brother). But now that I need him the most, he pushes me away and just shuts me out, and whenever I'm super depressed he ask me whats wrong but I don't want to tell him because he's one of the reasons and I don't want him to feel bad about himself or anything like that........ But that's good that you never say that😊

Haha you could try telling him what you just said. He'll either brush it off and call you emotional or apologize for being a ****. Just remember that everyone's got their own emotional stuff going on all the time.

I just don't want him to feel bad or anything

Well you never tell someone that they make you feel depressed. Just try starting with how you don't feel like he's there for you and he said he would be. No need to start throwing crazy guilt trips around. Or you could just ignore it and keep feeling like this about it.

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