Trying To Sleep

When I am trying to get to sleep at night (but definately not asleep yet) I hear voices saying my name. They always call me Jessica, not Jess, and sometimes they ask 'are you ok?'. Most of the time I cannot make sense of words and sometimes hear whole conversations. Mostly, it is a woman's voice I hear but I have also heard men's and lots of people talking at the same time. I can even hear them over my iPod and once, on the coach in Spain, over other voices in the room. I just know that I'm definately awake when I hear the voices and they don't scare me.

Anybody know anything else about this?
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I had this happen last night! Clear and as though it were right in my face. My dog was whinning right before this happened.

hey !!!!! My name is jessica... and this happens to me tooo!!!! omg last nitgh someone said in my ear BROKEN in orible creepy voice like the exorcist type of voice imagine... xD but nobody was there!!! i live alone,.. creepy? :( !! and the say jessica alot and touche me o.o! do u have fb? :o add me? ssica'pink powerranger

Holy crap. I've been searching through the Internet looking. And reading for people who are in the same condition and the voice calls me by my name Jessica
Yesterday morning it happened again. Right when I woke up I hear.
Jessica be quiet.
It was calm and kind of a whisper but in a way freaked me out because everyone was upstairs
If you get anymore voices you can find me on Facebook
Jess Nichol Snead

I'm not religious but that's interesting

Voices mean to start praying. They come to you because somehow your listening

Thanks for the comments :)<br />
The voices are very soothing and angelic<br />
Dont tell me that saharatears! Although I am sorry for your loss xxx

before sleep its often with me too. i can hear sometime voices, or strange noises. It's why I do not like to sleep in absolute silenсe. btw, if you can hear strange voices with the help of any technique (radio, celphne, on tape) it can be EVP. (electronic voices phenomenon).

I've had the same experience. It was before the death of a loved one.