I Heard A Womans Voice Say My Name!

The first time I heard some one call my name was in the year 2003, I  was lying down in bed when i heard a woman voice say my name once. i got up immedietly and went out of the room and asked if any one was calling me and no. Now Recently this year 2011 i was also lying in bed but this time I hard A mans voice say my name Once. I was alone at home and i sat up and i was curious. Now I know im not crazy what or who is saying my name and why? Does anyone know?
Marlene28 Marlene28
26-30, F
2 Responses Sep 19, 2011

It is your gardian angel or it is Jesus Christ himself. The ugency is to pray for some one. They could be in China for all we know. They could be someone from our family that needs prayers or lastly heavy danger is near and it is time to take seriously your prayers. When you die that is all you take with you. I suggest the rosary. There are other prayers too to actually get closer to the answere

Roughly 20 minutes ago I heard a woman call my name. Her voice was soft enough that i trusted it i have no idea why. I was about to fall asleep and then i heard "PAT..." as if she wanted me to wake up. I woke up and sat in bed looking around the room for about 15 minutes. Eventually I got up turned the light on looked around and saw nothing. Strangely, before I walked in my room, I felt like someone was behind me, I actually got scared and saw a white mist next to me, but sure enough when I was completely turned it fleed. I dont know what to do.