Hearing Demons

When was 18yr old and all the way up 19yr old, thats when i heard them more. The place where it happen was in the kitchen where i was cooking something to eat. i dont know but i just started to hear stuff, and then it got louder and louder. i was like if you were in a room with t 10 or more people screaming and some what at the same time. when it gotten to much for i yelled something and the voices went away. the voices happened again in the same area but about the time i was twenty all that stop. but one thing did happen again but it wasn't the voices. my body stoped moving as i was wide awake and felt like something was there. i fought for control like i did when i was 18yrs. but at that time i cried to god for help like i remember my mother telling me to when i had a problem. before god came and stop it i felt like something trying to take over my body and i couldn't do anything about it.
765motton 765motton
Sep 12, 2012