When the Doves Cry

Doves have been used as symbols throughout the years of many things.  In ancient Greek myth it was a bird of Athena which represented the renewal of life.
In the Bible it was a dove released from the Ark by Noah which returned with an olive branch to show that the Biblical flood was over. Ever since, the dove has symbolized deliverance and God's forgiveness.
According to legend, the devil and witches can turn themselves into any bird shape except the dove.

In ancient Japan the dove was sacred to Hackiman the god of war, but it was a dove with a sword which announced the end to war.
Universally recognized as a symbol of peace, the dove transcends all cultures and traditions.
"In Christianity, the dove is a symbol of the Holy Spirit and the soul.
"In the Chinese culture, the dove is associated with longevity and peace in the next life.
"In many cultures, the dove is associated with love, innocence, tenderness and purity.

Prince even sang us a song about the dove’s cry.  I think what Prince was trying to tell us is that no one can hurt you like someone you loved. They know your weaknesses because they are your weaknesses.  He uses the example of the mourning dove because their cry is one of the most sorrowful cries I have ever heard from a wild animal.   

I too heard the dove’s crying this morning and I wondered if it was happy that spring is almost here or if it had lost the love of its lifetime.


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Cool, I will have to check it out.

YW Nudie.thanks for your comment sweetie.<br />
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Ok you may have to explain it to me, but I am thinking.

My wife just pointed out that NO witch can turn into a cockroach! What does that mean? Think about it?...Dew

Thank you for this interesting story. I never knew some of those facts. Now I feel better hearing them cooing in the mornings.

Awww Lily now I will think of you.

This is why I care about you DD.

I am better now. i almost "deleted" my above drama but want to be honst and not hide my feelings even when embarrassed. <br />
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NOTE: It is true that NO Witch can turn into a Dove. WOW. Makes you wonder…DD

Of all the words ever spoken by Prince the "dove’s cry", I believe is most famous and has struck the deepest cord. <br />
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I am so lucky that the woman I love has never hurt me. I have my share of being hurt but never by any one I loved.<br />
<br />
I pray that I will never have to know this pain.<br />
<br />
I have never been this serious in my life.<br />
<br />
I have tears in my eyes.<br />
<br />
I am very afraid that I have just cursed myself.<br />
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May the Dark Goddess have mercy on my soul...Dewduster

Yes, some people hunt birds. They are beautiful animals. I enjoy walking in the woods and seeing grouse and pheasants, but I love Cardinals and Doves the best.