Last Friday, It Was.

My solid ***** of an aunt came over here. She was bitching and whining about her son's girlfriend (whom she's all peachy and sweet to in person). She said the girl is always mad that my cousin won't change their baby's diapers. Then, my aunt said, "Your daddy didn't change your diapers, he LEFT THAT TO THE WOMEN."

I do believe in gender roles, to an extent. But, I'm not stuck in the fifties about it. I believe a man should help change diapers and make bottles. For one thing, little does she know, my dad DID change my diapers. Her husbands might not have, because she has always acted like a pseudo-June Cleaver, by my dad it. How can someone say that?? Especially a woman.

If somebody gets me pregnant, that mother ****** better expect to be getting his *** up in the middle of the night and he better learn how to handle Pampers. Leaving the diaper changing to the women. Haha, I've heard it all!
urbrandofheroin urbrandofheroin
22-25, F
Jul 13, 2010