My Dad Has Cancer

Today my dad was diagnosed with cancer. I'm not sure what kind or how bad it is yet. He isn't even 50 yet and I'm completely terrified. I need my dad, I love him so much. I live so far away from him and I feel guilty. Do I just quit my job, move back home and be there for my family? I don't know yet. I just keep telling myself that cancer isn't a death sentence and that people survive the worst of the worst of it everyday. It's hard to always think like that though. I'm afraid of losing my dad, I'm afraid of the financial stress it may cause my family. I just want my dad to be okay. Praying, keeping hope, reminding myself that cancer can be beat is kind of helping me.Now I'm just waiting for that day where I WILL say "My dad beat cancer".
protumbler protumbler
Nov 26, 2012