I just heard a newscaster say quite possibly the stupidest thing I've ever heard. She asked if the Australian government wasn't being to hard on Britney Spears for wanting her to state on her tickets that her show is lip synced. Huh??????

When did it become acceptable for a "live" show to be not live. Maybe I'm just clinging to an old fashioned notion that says that performers should actually, I don't know; perform. The argument that because she is dancing she can't sing is a bunch of crap. She markets herself first and foremost as a singer not a dancer. I think fans should no what they are getting. I guess if people want to watch someone lip sync to a record, all the power to them. for my money, I would want a live performance.

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At least wwf acknowledges that it's "sports entertainment" I don't think there are too many who believe it's real. When a singer chooses to sing over a backing track or lip syn it's an outright deception. If someone is good it can be difficult to detect. Until that moron Ashley Simpson messed up on Sat night live no one was considering that she was lip syncing. I realize Britney is a poor example as Cowbell suggests and who really cares about her because it's barely music but if some get away with it where does it stop? I would want to know if the artist is singing live before I consider parting with my hard earned cash. Wrestling is over the top entertainment and I imagine someday I'll take my boy because he loves the nonsense. I wouldn't ever consider paying to watch someone lypsinc if I knew it was the case. That's just me though.

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c0w, good point! Can you imagine seeing "This is not real" on a WWF ticket?

I hate mimes. I say, kill all the mimes first. I think I might even belong to that goofy group here.<br />
I saw Janet Jackson back in the 90's and it was a great show with all kinds of really cool dance numbers. Now I'm wondering if any of it was lip synched. The slower songs I'm sure weren't but when she was flying around, who knows?

No kidding eh? I remember the outrage.....the record company actually refunded anyone who decided they couldn't live with the fact that those two clowns didn't sing on their album. Now all you need is a good producer and songwriter and a rack full of digital effects. It's very sad that anyone lines up to pay their hard earned cash to watch someone mime a performance. Everyone used to hate mimes.<br />
When there's a band I like I'll often see them twice on the same tour because the area I live in is close to Toronto and Buffalo. How much would it suck if the performances where exactly the same because it is all on tape. Why is this ok with anyone? I got to see Travis Tritt a couple of years ago. He just stood behind the mic and sang his *** off. No stupid dancing or choreography because someone who can really sing doesn't need all that crap to hold an audiences attention.

it was such a scandal when milli vanilli did it too....guess things have changed. i know the willie nelson concert i went to was good old fashioned live willie :))