Because my partner of four years has left me, dropped me like I'm nothing & we never happened. I'm so heartbroken, I didn't think this kind of pain was possible. Don't get me wrong, I made lots of mistakes, mainly being a heavy binge drinker, but I've kicked that habit & she refuses to give me another chance. I know she cares for me, still loves me? .. I don't know. :/ I want her back so bad.
She's moved on already & met someone else, which is the killer.

I'm not good at expressing my feelings to friends or family, so this is perfect!

How can I mend my broken heart?! :(
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it takes time stay positive and in time some one better will come along

I don't want anyone else :( x

i said that and was alone for 5 years

Oh don't say that!! Lol

but i meet some one that changed my mind

That's great :)

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big hug

Much needed. Thanks x