Friends? Really?

Let me know if you like the Q&A or not.

I am changing my idea about Q&A some bad people are gone and it is more fun. Below is something I wrote awhile back.

Update: Here it is: the majority of these "people"on EP are the same person. What is going on at EP in the Q&A section is there are some central characters that were created by the same person. I won't name them here, because it would spoil it for everyone, but they are the same person. They have created strong male characters who fight with each other, female characters who are supposed to appear sexy, sexy male characters, couples who appear to be in love, some are just frumpy women who act crazy,  ancillary characters who support the central characters and set them up, the list goes on and on. It is amusing stuff. Not unlike an author who develops characters for a book, this person has developed these characters. The difference is, these characters are not static like book characters, they are fluid and have to react to outside influences from unsuspecting EPers. It is very clever.

This person on EP is clever, not that smart, but worst of all they are also mean. The notion that they play with people's emotions and jerk people off with their nonsense is right up there with 3rd grade schoolyard tactics.

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Thanks for pointing this out and sharing.........

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I used to trust everyone. That was my biggest flaw. Now with all the fabricated accounts popping up, people pretending to be someone else, I don't trust many people here any longer. There are a handful of friends that I do trust, but I'm losing faith in relationships on EP<br />

well, i will say that i have not noticed this as much as you have. i know that i have seen a few crazy trash talking trolls that flood the Q&A from time to time. but im sure there are quite a lot more people who do this on EP than you have noticed. as far as people being mean and nasty answering questions, THAT will never go away, so getting rid of people with multiple accounts will not solve the sewer mouth problem that seems to happen everyother question that i ask on here. i mean lets face it. is that a picture of YOU on your avatar ? 90% of EPers don't want there identity's known. and feel they can say whatever they want or answer how ever they want or feel like for that day. so if you are trying to make EP a site with out trolls or multies, or zhit spewers and only for the GOOD, KIND, CARING and NICE people to ask and answer, you are fighting a losing battle. EP is like life, it has bad and good. accept it and move on. it's REALITY. get used to it. it might come in handy in the REAL world.

I'm interested in reading The Man Code. Why don't you post it.

I went through the exact same thing! Periods of change that went from distance and disbelief to letting my guard down. Why? I have found that Ep is very similar to a Microcosm of Real Life (w/out the tangible part, of course). People Are interacting over a fluid and dynamic circumstance in a group setting that's continuously growing. Just Like Society. Although you do maintain an anonymous identity, the person inside eventually wants to come out to 'play.' I finally got over myself and just really enjoy helping others. It's a liberating feeling that I have carried over to real life. You know, the tangible world. People in my life have taken notice as well. I urge you to let EP friends in, rather - seek out friends! You won't regret it! It's totally in line with the founder’s fundamental intention (see Armen Berjikly’s mission statement in the About Us section). If you do regret it - oh well, you can just smack me on the head then!<br />
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PS – Excellent observation regarding the multiple characters being fabricated and well spoken. I suspected the same, but I don’t care because it’s My Party, Ha!

Well just think of a person who has multiple accounts and fighting each other, well now what a waste of energy and what kind of sad life do they lead. I feel like i am suffocating thinking about it. <br />
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Back to the friends things, well you may well make friends without even trying to, you dont have to add people to your profile to be friends with them. I had some wonderful friends on here and they all just disappeared with even a good bye and i was hurt so you have the right way of thinking there, its better to be a little defensive than to trust too much in people. Well i hope you enjoy the majority of it anyways.

Ppl having multiple id is a common phenomenon .. Happens all d time in most frndshp portals ... Wht hv u got to lose ? .. U r here for a reason in dis virtual world .. Enjoy ur time in whatever activity dat makes u happy- the Q & A section is interesting n frankly, i like answering qestions, even though i myself havent yet joined d bandwagon of putting up questions... Hey, dont b so stuck up - u joined dis site 4 a reason, so loosen up . . Enjoy life n stop complaining ! . . Life is too short to b wasted on such trivial issues . . Smile n d world will smile with u, bt if u weep, u weep alone. :))

You are very astute.<br />
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I am on a Mission to get these Zomboid Multiple ID Freaks removed.<br />
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It's either them or us.

Hopefully, someday this person(of whom you write) will get a life outside the virtual world. I just like answering some of the questions as well, so I try not to get caught up in the drama...not always with success. lol. You sound like a smart person and I wish you the best. See you in Q&A.

Regardless of your EP friends issues, I hope you have fun here .. !!

I see your definition of friends and I raise you with "acquaintance" - no matter what the term is, it shows there's interest, at least on one end. Of course it's better if it's mutual but as you know you can't make that happen just as a snap of a finger, whatever happens, happens for a reason.