I Like Thinking About The Answers Before I Open My Mouth

Answering questions shows at least some interest, even a little respect if the reply is well thought-out, sometimes it's so natural that the words come out naturally, regardless of the implied consequences, sometimes it comes through a diplomatic filter because the question might sound tainted and the answer expected to be of a certain caliber. I try not to fall in such traps and dance around words if needed, after all if you provide the tune, I'll provide the steps

KnottyG KnottyG
41-45, M
3 Responses Aug 14, 2010

hmmnnn...I can imagine two pairs of harmonious feet making graceful steps, bodies swaying on the air, feeling the heaven as they sway..mystical, magical..am enthralled!

No better compliment is made when a fine dancer asks you to lead!

And what an enticing tango we've danced, Sir, but it has been far too long since we've moved and swayed in unison to the harmony of curiosity and satisfaction. Shall we try to find our way to the bandstand this weekend to continue showing Arthur Murray how it's really done? I do so adore it when You lead...