I Am An Awesome Match Maker.... I Swear I Am!! Plus.. a song for hubs.... :)

You guys know how much I love to hook up our single ninja-dudes and now trainer guys from over in the gym....Well...I TOTALLY struck it rich again this weekend!!

A lil back story......

We went to a Christmas party this weekend hosted by folks who have been friends of hubs since long before I arrived.  They are  totally sweet and I like being around them. When they come to our house the wife loves to putter around with me in the kitchen and the same when we go there....She totally lets me putter and help too. Just totally nice peeps.  They have one daughter who I have only met once but she seems like a sweety too...I met their granddaughter at the party..... She is visiting for the holidays before she goes back to do her graduate work at college.

I knew the whole group at the party.  They are all business and professional peeps who are way smart and well versed in finance, politics, business and all that stuff and they always end up having deep talks about it.  I don't mind a bit either cause I learn a ton from them and they're always great when I ask questions. Hubs gets right into that stuff too cause that's the world he was raised in and always lived in. 

They all got talkin away and I noticed the grand daughter was wandering around the buffet  table looking a lil lost.  She is only about 24/25 and while she just graduated, in spring, from a rocking fancy college with a bunch of honors and is super smart.....I think this  group was a little  more heavy duty on the topics then she was into.  So I all politely excused myself and wandered over to her.  The hostess gave me a cute little half smile cause she totally knew where I was headed....

We ended up having the BEST conversation ever!!  Turns out she is going to be around till Jan. and loved the idea of stopping by my dance classes for some fun exercise and dancing!!  That rocks cause I have a few really cool girls her age in them and since she doesn't know a soul around here, I figured it would give her some fun while she visits with her grand parents!! 

The Grandmother/hostess lady was all happy too cause she was worried her granddaughter would be a little bored over the visit. 

Well.....the grand daughter came to a class this morning and wouldn't ya know it.....She totally got in a good conversation with one of the ninja guys, I just.....sorta...casually....introduced her too.....  I have been trying to get this  awesome guy hooked up with somebody nice  for flippin EVER!!  He is super smart too and has a personality that I think goes really well with that girls. I just found out they are going for coffee tonight!!!!!! DOES THIS ROCK OR WHAT?????? I LOVE it when stuff like this happens!!

She loved the class too and is a great lil dancer! If coffee tonight goes AWESOMELY WELL ...as planned......  I predict she'll be  coming to a bunch more!!!  Also.....she wants to come by the house and try some quilting with me too!  Wouldn't it be a real coincidence if the cute ninja dude dropped by to talk to hubs at the same time????   

She is way into a lot of the homespun sort of crafts.....She rocks!!  I love making friends like this and it's even better when I can hook them up with other buddies I love too....... I am totally walking on a cloud right now!!

I figured you guys would get a real kick out of this too!!  Next to being a wiggly giggly dancer  girl I am a VERY committed match maker! 

Remember hubs life long buddy and business partner, Tang... who got dumped by a rotten woman last year around this time? After some time I managed to hook him up with one of my very first dancer girls in my classes...She is now one of my instructors in my own lil business!! 

That has  been one of my ALL TIME BEST SUCCESS  stories and this year on Christmas that lil girl is in for one ROCKIN surprise.......  I LOVE LOVEEEEE...*whirls and twirls  and spins around* 

I TOTALLY owe hubs a song. He has posted  two really awesome ones for me lately and I always get side tracked when I come in here, cause I never seem to have enough time and forget to post one for him.  This is the PERFECT  thread for it too cause hooking him up with me was my very BESTEST BEST   match making success EVAH!!
I love this song.....  It's goofy as all get out but it talks right to my soul and hopefully his too!! 

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So sweet of you to notice and reach out and make her feel included in a community where she felt alien. Even if nothing else comes of it you have made her feel more at home and that is a very valuable thing.

Keep on doing what you do so well buddy =)

Aww thanks bb.....The romance is moving along nicely and she is having a nice time with it and getting to know a few folks closer to her own age..... hugs and hugs..

It seems that this pairing is coming together quite nicely.
They certainly seemed rather--friendly--at the Christmas festivities!
Bravo--my love. ;-)

Awwwww thanks rough guy....They were sooooo cute together too..... Both of them are AWESOME dancers!! I betcha anything they did a few lil dances when they left too!! ;) I could read the naughty thoughts in their eyes!!! *takes a bow* :D

ah cc. yur at it again. as a card carrying recipient of yur hook-up obsession i got to say yur good at it. the first 2 times you hooked me up with the fight dudes were slow starts but once you got down with me being a better fit with their sisters we made some progress. ;0] good luck with whoever you got the crosshairs on this time. fukkin cupid never worked as hard as you. that song is so lame assed its cute.

Yuppers I am!! :D I knew from early on that you might do better with girls but it was YOUUUUUUU who TOTALLY resisted that idea!! If you would have listened to me from the start we wouldn't have had such slow starts!!! * says, "humph" and stamps foot!* :D You and the guys had fun on those dates anyway!! R will never forgive you for beating the pants off him in that game of pool tho!! You're just wayyyyyy too tough for them tough girl!! That song is ADORABLE and NOT one lil bit lame....a lil goofy maybe but never lame!! *humphs again and stamps foot!* again!! :D

I never recall witnessing you--harumphing and stomping your feet.
I would appreciate a demo of that as well.
jus sayin-- =D

I'll try it tonight...... :D

Sie, another grand slam with the song too. Really touches the soul. So sharing with my main squeezy! :

Yayyy for sharing it with your own squeezy!! That ROCKS too! :)

Sierra...You are the coolest humanitarian! When you practice random acts of kindness on a daily basis, it revolves around your universe 24/7. You have a great feel for reading others, and I smile immensely how you embrace happiness, and reach into your big red santa bag and find just the right thing for everyone! I think even your worst day is sprinkled with jubiliance. Another great story that makes me happy to be a friend of yours. Rock the day Santas helper.

Aww thanks beach.... I would soooooo LOVE having a cool bag like Santa filled with all sorts of goodies and magical tricks.... Life is a lot of fun if we let ourselves have it!! hugs and hugs.... :)

I have one question.
How do you plan on enacting the role of being the jelly--
that I shall then accompany as peanut butter?
Just wondering.
I think this could well become a new composition. =D

That's simple rough guy.....Sandwiches are made on bread laying on a dish.....So we pretend the bed is the bread and I always put my peanut butter on first......cause I LOVE peanut butter and like LOTS of it! ;) So YOU lay down....then.... I smear, smush and slide my jelly right over the top and wha-la!!!! a yummy sandwich is made......I think it works the same if we ever decide to role play at BEING sandwich ingredients too!! :D I cracked right up typing this but the thought made me sort of wiggly!! :P

Sie--While your description is quite good.
Could I perhaps trouble you for a demonstration? ;-)

Sounds fun, Sierra! Go for it with your Magic Wand glowing for two love birds. =))

aww thanks ladyr!! I would sooo love to have my very own glowing wand for this stuff....I'd become a total fairy godmother then!! :D

I can genuinely see you having a knack for this! It would be so great if two really good people connected. Well done Sie!

Aww thanks RR!! :) I love seeing the folks around me all happy and content and this is better then passing out chocolates to get some grins and giggles going with the work group!! :D

How overly sappy and mushy am I! That song is soooo very cute and I'm all misty eyed right now. You're just a Jill of all trades Sie. Quilting? I would've never guessed. I'm sure you've mentioned it here before but I haven't gotten through all your stories yet. Congrats on the match making skills. I hope everything comes up roses and daffodils for those two.

Aww thanks Dee...I am a total sappy mushy type too..... :D It's sorta nice being that way.... :) I always share my tissues too.... :D

I forget if I ever said anything about my quilting. I am just getting pretty good with it. I started out wanting to learn to weave on a loom but that is way harder and wasn't as much fun as I thought it would be so the girl who was gonna learn with me decided she wanted to do a King size art quilt and she started teaching me and I LOVE it!! I am making a 9 patch one, in super pretty fabric. That is a wayy easier pattern to learn on. I love to do a bunch of the fiber arts like knitting and I just learned to crotchet too.....I'm totally ready to run off and live on Little House on the Prairie!! :D

That's an awesome quilt pattern Sie......I used my left over yarn scraps and crocheted me an afghan in that same nine patch design. I't was super easy and turned out pretty cute if I do say so lol

this is a very good thing you do for those who do not have such good mate. they are lucky for you to be in life. i will read more to no if they are good match.

I have everything crossed that can be crossed for these two!! So far it's looking really good tho!! thanks and hugs nik.....♥

Do you have even your legs crossed? Hmmmmm

well tommy......maybe I'm not gonna take things that far!! :D I cracked right up reading this!!! :D

After all you have your own romance to consider. LOL

Yup...Some things hubs just does NOT permit and my legs closed all day might be pretty high on that list!! :D


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What an awesome story to read first thing this morning Sie...........you truly are an amazing woman.......first as a business woman AND matchmaker. It's always so much fun to read your stories on your matchmaking successes and I'm sure Tang and his lady will always be grateful to you for "hooking" them up together.

You truly are one of a kind. :-D

Aww thanks and BIGG hugs jacee!!!! Match making isn't all that hard....Once you see that two folks have personalities that might go good together...all ya gotta do is provide opportunities for them to be around each other and then hope the sparks start to fly!! Chemistry and good compatibility do all the real work!! :)

Tang was a total mess but I have known him a long time and I knew my dancer girl really well too so I knew wayyyy more about who they were then they could know about each other when they first met...I think a matchmaker has to have some really solid insight on the folks being matched up!! It helps when you dearly love both peeps and want to see them with someone nice and really good for them too..... Such fun!!!! ♥

This song is new?
Such a true showing of that whimsical nature of yours--
I find so utterly irresistible.
Thank you--my love.

I am not so prone to the pairing of others--
as are you--
yet I must admit--
I too am rather hopeful for this--
your latest effort..
Will we be seeing them paired at our own Holiday party this coming weekend?
I certainly hope so.
Your skills with locating a fine match for T--
was indeed an epic success for both parties.
Bravo--my love.
A delightful composition! ;-)

I don't know how new it is rough guy I found it a couple weeks ago and LOVED it!! I'm glad you liked it too..... ♥

I soooooo wanted to ask him how coffee went but I totally played it cool....Match making requires a cool head....Ya can't be in too big of a hurry after all......But he did wander over and said COFFEE WAS REALLLLLY NICE!! *not in a sexy way just that he really liked talking to her!!* They are heading out for dinner tomorrow night and she was TOTALLY back for more dancing class this morning!!....she looked all happy and smiley about their coffee date too!!! I betcha a box of chocolates that they totally team up for our Christmas party!!!

still doin my *match maker HAPPY DANCE!!* :D

They will indeed be attending the function together.
That dance of yours--
has the most miraculous effects! =D

Really wonderful

Aww thanks and hugs tommy! ♥

I love this story and the song . . . both adorable and upbeat . . . very positive . . . great job Sierra . . . thank you for sharing this . . . TOTALLY appreciate the vibe . . . 8D

Aww thanks mm.....♥

Atta girl !!! .... love it when you're all excited about stuff like this !!! .... you ROCK, sie !!

Aww thanks Laffs.. hugs and hugs.... ♥ I like it when I get all excited like this too!!! :D
Then again I just like being excited!! Not all that fussy about what either!!!!

It probably helps that, being a truly great and magnetic person, you draw other good people into contact with you.

Aww thanks Stoner....That's a cool way of thinking of it..Like good Karma.... ♥

Quality attracts quality.

Great story, Sie! Heck, with your bubbly enthusiasm, who could say no when you put them together! :)

Aww thanks.... I LOVE getting folks together!! ♥ It's like an early Christmas wish come true!!