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Lunchtime Caper

Where I work we have a really nice restaurant which is part of the complex where I work. I dine there most days I’m at work mainly because I’m too lazy to make my own sandwiches the night before.  I know the staff there really well.  I tend to eat quite healthily at lunchtime so I’ll have a fish dish or something with lots of salad.  Anyway yesterday I went out at lunch to browse the January sales…’s amazing how quickly that hour goes but suffice to say I stopped off at the drive through on the way back to the office to pick up a really unhealthy Macdonalds !  I wondered back to the office from the car park laden with my bag of goodies (directly in full view of the restaurant) and devoured the lot at my desk washing the contents down with a chocolate shake….yum
Moving forward an hour now ……I’m stood at the photocopier downstairs waiting for my prints to finish and in walks Kathryn, the waitress from the restaurant. “Oooh Bree, your name’s mud in our kitchen !” she says “The head chef saw you swaggering in with a bag of MacDonald’s before and he’s not at all happy with you!” 
Now the head chef is a BIG guy and I have to admit I’m a little scared of him.  I laugh a little and then she chortles “I wouldn’t want to be in your shoes when he sees you!” She giggled a bit and then I left pondering the innocence of what I’d done .
I normally get a coffee to go from the restaurant in the afternoon too so undeterred I’m there at the same time as usual for my caffeine fix!  I’m not scared of the big bad chef!! MUCH……lol Then I hear the booming voice from behind which is no other than the Chef himself…..”BREE…You’ve got some cheek showing your face in here today!!” he booms.  I turn around and he continues “I should bend you over my knee and give your backside a good spanking!!”  Now I swear I’m not often shocked and stuck for words….but yesterday I just stood there…..mouth agape slowly turning a rosy shade of crimson .  The restaurant was nearly empty I’ll admit but there were still some people around and the Chef has a big presence….and he’s really loud too.  I could hear stifled giggles.  His voice takes a turn and now pointing at me breaks into a smirk and says “You’re blushing!!” and starts laughing.  There was no denying it….I was radiating heat !!  The instant he said it I had visions of being bent over his knee receiving a good thrashing from him!!  It was as if he could read me…it was like everyone there could read me…lol  He put his arm around me still laughing and whispered “I’m watching you Bree !”  Still glowing I started grinning like a Cheshire cat. 
I sat for the rest of the afternoon every now and then thinking of what he said…imagining my derriere getting punishment for my innocent deed.   I have to say though ..........I liked it, I liked it alot !
Bree10 Bree10 36-40, T 2 Responses Jan 31, 2013

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now that you know his intentions, will you act ?

Wow.....That was some cool coffee stop!! I wonder what comes next??? hmmm.... naughty..naughty...naughty....... ;) Gotta LOVE it too!! I envy folks who blush.....I don't think I ever have.... I am TOTALLY blush-less...... :O

Blushing gives the game away Sie....I soooo wish i could control No blusher required here !
You're way too cute butter wouldn't melt I'm sure...heehee ;p

Aw, I think blushing is wayyy cute! I was friends with a girl who blushed a lot in high school..... Come to think of it...she was like the first and last person I knew who blushed a lot.... I don't know any folks now who I can think of off the top of my head that blush....... I might be part of a whole "blushless" branch of society...Now you totally have me thinking about this....I am going to go hunt me down someone who blushes if it's the last thing I do!! :D

RUN everyone RUN !! Sierra's gonna hunt all us blushers down....Save your souls !giggles :)

No Blusher in the land is safe from me now!!! Bu-wha---HA-HA-HA-HA..* that is my very most official laugh!!!* :D

I hear you

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