Rants: "in My Opinion...."

The single greatest reason we converse with others in adolescence and so forth is merely to hear ourselves talk. (or create situations to our own advantage) We don't really care what the other is saying, but we care about what we already know ourselves and wish to convey to our listeners-who in turn are only in their own small world.

Great companionship is simply that-friendships without expectations or questioning of loyalties. Kindness is no longer kindness when we expect something in return-it is then only a subtle/distinct greed.

I'll continue by saying despite any age...many remain under the delusion of having a greater sorrow or happiness. How does one compare one sadness to another when it is experienced differently? Our minds, functioning at different levels, can be honestly distressed by meager situations such as not finding keys within the first five seconds of searching for them. It irritates me when someone says, "my life is so hard and I HATE the people that have it great those "_insert stereotype here__" have it so good. The ignorance. Can anyone really believe they suffer so brutally under some force that no one else has experienced in this entire world...are we so foolish to believe we are alone in anything?

The main functions of many casual "friendships": 1) to find oneself in them 2) to gain an advantage 3) to have the appearance of belonging.

Media gossip and gossip in general: Your life is not interesting enough-so let's talk about ...!

The truth of boredom: You're boring yourself.

The meaningS of life: 1) to live, die, and continue the cycle 2) whatever your soul pursues

Why reincarnation of some type is plausible: EVERYTHING is a cycle of one becoming and returning to its source. Even if there is a "heaven"/"hell" it would be more like a waiting room-why? Because energy does not simply disappear, it is circulated and distributed always. That is, unless our souls are void of energy-but then what would it replace?

All above are OPINIONS, of course. Thoughts to, perhaps, consider.


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I in no way disagree with you MysteriousMan, I simply wished to humor those of religious origin in saying that IF there must be a heaven and hell, then it'd only be possible for it to be a temporary existence. I completely believe the soul is of energy, but for those of doubts I wished to welcome them to defend their own argument-and rightfully so.

My friend,<br />
whatever u have written is simple truth...i do accept the concept of friendship u have given but regarding hell/heaven and energy of soul..i m not with u...if u like discussions then we can have a discussion other wise u have defended well in the last line.."it is thoughts".Truth becomes thoughts but thoughts may or may not become truth...<br />
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I believe there is nothing like hell/heaven...it is just a way how a human thinks...secondly energy remains conserved and is transferred but our souls never get void of energy.souls itself is a form of energy which keep on circulating..nothing can replace it.<br />
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It is true that all the things which originate gets destroyed but i doubt that some things may originate again.for ex..ayleena ur deeds will never destroy ,they will be there for all those who remember u for ur deeds...

WOW~ I really enjoyed that story, and, I applaud HangingTree's answer. Ditto!

Very interesting read.... Gonna have to look at more of your stuff now. <br />
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The human race is fairly individualistic, compared to, say, ants or termites. But still we have an instinctive need to belong to groups. This is why social networks proliferate on the internet.