Walk A Mile In Your Shoes

I like to give myself things to think about as well.
Popular opinion and pop culture is largely based on whoever shouts the loudest. Nobody seems to shout for the everyday person.

Maybe it was my deep love for the way Jesus taught people in the old Sunday school parables. By making them compare an analogy to their real lives, the point was driven home. Some of the message rubbed off as well, particularly when Jesus was at odds with the establishment.
Jesus was my first radical hero. When he turned over the tables in the temple, he became my first "Action Hero"

Now, I have studied science, and continue to read voraciously all manner of subjects from history, to physics, to astronomy, to genetics, to archaeology, and linguistics, as well as pseudo-science, conspiracy theory, including biblical commentary, and prophecy.

Most of my favorite writers are famous for their atheistic views. Vonnegut, Twain, Douglas Adams, Asimov, Spider Robinson, Heinlein, Eco. They have taught me as much about the substance of morality as Jesus. In the same way, the bible has taught me much about government. So I might quote Christ and Dawkins in the same paragraph. People misunderstand the bible, people misunderstand evolution.

No rampant raging atheist can say anything worse about religion than Jesus already has. Whether Jesus ever really existed or not, the words attributed to him are a deliberately concise and damning critique of religion and what is done today in HIS NAME!

Often we get lazy, or in a rut. We settle into patterns, and develop blinders.
We need to constantly read of both opinion, and discoveries, We need to continually challenge our own beliefs, and put them to the test. We need to examine our prejudices, and bring our darkest motivations to the surface, so we can examine them, and either throw them away, or put them back where we need them for later.

The golden rule says to "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."
I would rather that someone tell me if I'm walking in the wrong direction. Wouldn't you?
If they don't tell me, and I can't see the danger, and I hurt myself by continuing, then who is to blame? Exactly, the one who didn't tell me.

Therefore, I HAVE to try to make you think. There is no "just like to" about it. It is a moral imperative.
We are on a path to the destruction of the human race. Nature doesn't care if people continue. It will keep doing what it does.
There is no deus ex machina gonna save us, if we don't deserve to be saved.
It's not even about global warming or climate change anymore. We just can't go on using things up like we do. We should share this place. We are the only animal that is capable of destroying the planet. We may not go that far, but we are well on the road to destroying ourselves, and for us, that's the same thing. The world will probably get along just fine without us.

canyonwolf canyonwolf
Feb 2, 2011