The "Verses" Are My Thoughts

Poets dig the words 
Hutting letter by letter
To find their poem
Their diamond or dilemma
Their smile or grimace
Writers use language
Sharing their gifts
And in imaginary worlds
The various literary genres
Turn into stories and chronicles
There is a gestation of words
Generated from the hearts  
And it grows on the paper
And in the birth of emotion
The creation of poetry is born
I am not a poet, neither a writer
But the „verses“ are my thoughts
Transmitted from my soul and heart
Sensations that I put into words
Because I just like to write
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4 Responses Apr 29, 2012

Your words flow with such beauty and ex<x>pression. You are a natural poet and your thoughts conjur the wonderful images of life. :)

Faerie likes to write, too. Well, uhmm, obviously. *giggles* Sometimes I think they are more of words babbling in my head, those monkey chatter... but most of the times, they are words that come from within, whether heavy or light... doesn't matter to me. Poems and whatever we write here are our own ex<x>pressions, not meant to please anyone, but only to pour the words out and share what our hearts and souls whisper.<br />
<br />
Then faerie pulls your hair so you write more! x p

You are a poet, a writer, a lover, a liver, a giver and a muse.<br />
<br />

Some people write and their words lie heavy, sharp or awkward on the page.<br />
<br />
When you write words sparkle, dance and embrace each other <br />
<br />
You write because you like to write <br />
<br />
But you also write because you use words beautifully