Ramblings Of An Unknown Madman

There was a time. Interesting statement that, less a question of what the time may be and more an observation that there was a time. What or when that time might have been seems to be completely subjective. Subjective: adjective, existing in the mind; belonging to the thinking subject rather than to the object of thought. Seems a rather fluid concept in and of its self doesn't it? Now, back to time. NO!, don't look at your clock, look at yourself, that is the time we forget. It seems almost certain that the time there was is a time in the past. Otherwise it would be the time that will be right? Right. Now that we're clear on that I think we can move a little closer to what we're talking about. Or, possibly, knowing what it is we're talking about to begin with. But remember, what we're talking about is subjective. At no point should you think it applies to me, it applies only to you. When I start a sentence with the words "there was a time" it's clearly going to conclude differently than the sentence you start with the same phrase. Try it, 3..2..1 GO! Well, what'd ya get? That thing you just said (provided your not the kind of **** who's too dickish to play along and maybe learn a little something about yourself) was an insight. Not for me obviously as I likely know little to nothing of you or the things you thought when you still thought things like that. Don't stop at just one either, most of us have lists in us of times we miss or regret not living up to. Promises to ourselves left unfulfilled. We are after all the people best suited to lying to ourselves and breaking promises to us. Who knows when we do, right? Who gets hurt? I'm not saying you do, I'm saying they did, the ones who live in that time there was. Everytime we fail ourselves or break promises to ourselves we leave a scar. A mark that fades but always lies in wait to remind us of a time. Now the purpose of what I'm telling you is not to make you feel bad. We can't fix the things we broke in the us that was. But we can strive to be the us that is better than we are. (did you follow that one folks?) If a person were to get up every morning and start a sentence with "there was a time" and write down the concluding phrase they would be able to make quite a list. Now what do you think this list shows us? Our failures? I say nay (do people still say nay?). I think rather it shows us an evoluton of self. One that we can see based on the things we thought would be, the things that are, and the things we hope to come. These are the basis of personality and character. We are nothing, more or less, than who we are. (that one sounded profound, you should remember it) So I guess what I'm trying to say is perhaps you are unique, if you think you are. ( I rarely work in concrete statements, I've often thought of being a politician or lawyer) now we near the end, and this is where I give you a parting gift, by reading this, and analyzing yourself, you have added to the sum that is the equation of your total being. (cool phrasing, pats on the back for me) You will never be more or less you than you are right now. That I think is the best thing to take away from here. Also, headlice, you're taking headlice away from here. So for those of you who stuck it out this far and made it to the end, always be you, and you may already be a winner in the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes.
LucisTheBlack LucisTheBlack
Jan 11, 2013