Standing By Dad

I recall as a child an occasion when I became lost in the woods. I had stayed out too late and it had gotten dark, not full dark mind you but the darkness of the forest at twilight. It was cold, and I was alone and afraid, and much like any child would, I panicked. I made it home just fine after a lot of stumbling around “lost” in woods I played in my whole life. It was one of the most terrifying experiences of my youth. One I was sure I would never overcome or get out of my head. Sometime later, I don’t recall how long, the dogs were barking mad at something in the woods. Despite it being dark, and my experiences not long before, I insisted on going with my dad to see what had gotten their ire up. I remember tromping through those woods well after dark with my dad, walking with impunity. I feared nothing, no creature, beast, nor man could have scared me. I had my dad. Soon enough we found the dogs and the opossum they had treed, one shot from his .22 and the problem was solved.

Now, I wouldn’t say I was afraid of my dad growing up. I certainly had a healthy respect and a good dose of awe. I can say that perhaps he made me nervous, he was a man after all, and a strong one. There was a mystery to him that lent its self easily to a mild unease when I was around him. I do not mean to give the impression he was anything less than a great dad, he was just a mystery to me. Due, I’m sure, in no small part to the fact he was and is “old school” in a lot of things. All unease would flee though anytime I knew that we were somewhere that I may need protecting, I knew he would not fail me. It was only in later years that I would understand that no matter the situation he would always stand against any force which would seek to do me harm. No matter the time of day or the situation, he would not fail me. No creature, beast, nor man can stand against my dad, he is protection, a beacon of strength. I walk without fear now, as long as I walk beside my dad, or as I get older, in the manner in which he taught me to walk. I fear no creature, beast, nor man, they cannot hope to stand against me, so long as I have what my dad gave me.
LucisTheBlack LucisTheBlack
Jan 13, 2013