My Cousin

My cousin Matthew and I shared more then a name. He is, Was, 16  years older then me. We used to play bored games together. Then yesturday as I was driving home from a vist to my GF I gat a phone call. I was sitting in my Packard in a resturant parking lot. I answered and over the phone my aunt was sobbing. She is a highly emotional person my aunt but this was way over the top. She had just been told that her son, my cousin, had been shot down by terriorists. She sobbed "He wasn't even shooting back." After I calmed her down. "I'll come straight home and help you care for Maxy" (My little cousin) I sat there in the parking lot in the middle of Wisconsin thinking. He hadn't even defended himself. That was unlike my cousin. When I got home I learned why. He had been helping a Corpsman with wounded Marines. He had been carring one of the sergents and his helmet had fallen off. He had carried him between the humvees and an RPG exploded on the road. The shraphnel entered the back of his head and went into his brain. He died 5 hours later in Germany, our mutual cousin (she's a doctor) standing by his bed. She sobbed on the phone to me "I couldn't do anything" over and over again. All the crying had been done. I was and am filled with a cold fury. The war in the middle east between terrorists and the U.S.A. is now a matter of personal vengence. Every time a terrorist is killed I will rejoce in my heart. however there are not enough terrorists left to satisfiy the death of my cousin. He is the only one in my family who has ever treated me like a normal person. I would join the military my self but I couldn't get in with my disability. I have made up my mind. I will care for my little cousin the way his father cared for me. I will be like a father to him. 

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I'm sorry! My cousin, Chris, was shot in the neck (by himself, his gun malfunctioned) and it was horrible!