My Cousins

my aunt has recently lost a pregnancy of twin baby girls and they were very important to me because i am the only pair twins in both sides of my family . so you see another pair was like one in a million especially since my aunt and my mom are very close and they'd be like sisters to me . she lives 5 hours a way from me .she had appointments here and there every week 5 hours on tough road . well it came to one of the doctors told her they weren't moving any more and then down here they announced them as deceased for about 4 days . so a few people came down to see her. at the hospital she had to give a still birth which means dead babies born with hurt everyone . and they prepared the babies so everyone can saw goodbye to them the hardest part fell upon me because my 5 and3 yr old cousins were there as well . no one knows why they left us. they were cremated and i went to get them with my aunt from the cemetery. it was hard to see her cry and do nothing about it .
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1 Response Sep 10, 2012

I am so sorry :'( that is awful. I have never lost any young family members only older ones so I can't say I can empathize with you. I hope your aunt can recover soon and stay as positive as possible. I also wish the same to you as I did your aunt.