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me and my best friend have been friends since we were in kindergarden. of course we have had some disputes like all friendships do, but we get over them. this time is much different. we just started high school this year and she started hanging out with different people, which started in the middle of last year. She started hanging out with a popular crowd and ant time i go to talk to her it takes me 5 minutes to get her attention for two seconds, and it doesn't even seem like she wants to talk to me when i try. we are on the ski team together and we went on a lift ride today, i casually asked her "so whats up, feel like i haven't talked to u in a while haha" and then she tells me that she is going to be honest and tell me something.. she thinks that i have been mean to her lately! how could i be mean to her when i can't even have a 30 second conversation. she starts bringing up stuff from last year that we got in fights about, and i admitted that it was wrong and that i was wrong about what happened then, but we forgave and forgot. She tells me that she thinks we should have some separation, she said, "i feel like you are always there, and maybe if you didn't try to talk to me as much, i would talk to you more.". This made absolutely no sense to me. we haven't talked since, i cried the entire bus ride home alone in my seat while she was laughing at something with her other fiend while i am sitting their diagonal from her sobbing my eyes out. i don't no what to do because i have other people that i talk to, but not who i hang out with and invite over, she is one of the only people i feel comfortable hanging out with regularly and talking to about anything, i feel like i don't have any friends anymore, like nobody likes me or is willing to hang out, I'm just alone with nobody to talk to. And she said we need space, i know what will happen, we will have our space and the she will forget to talk to me again and will go be best friend with all the new people she hangs out with. I'm so depressed over this and other stuff i have going on at home and with school. i just don't know what to do about anything anymore.
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The same exact thing is happening to me right now. It happened two weeks ago, and i feel like we are barley friends anymore! We were so close. Just pray to god, he'll help us get through anything

I have had this happen to me a couple times. The worst was my best friend in high schooling just ditching me one day with no explanation. It was horrible and I was crushed for my entire senior year. I never completely got over it, but life goes on, you have new experiences, you meet different people, and here we are after over a decade and she found me on Facebook and wanted to friend me. I just couldn't NOT ask about what happened between us, and it was all very eye-opening, but guess what? I am okay. I lived through it, and we are casual acquaintances on FB. We live 5 hours away from each other, so I am content with that. Just know you will survive and life goes on.

I'm sorry to hear about that.. Especially with a friend that you've had pretty much your entire life.. But unfortunately it's natural. I'm 18 and I've had this happen to me, and I've done it to people. It's something that will make you stronger. She's moving on with a different crowd, and you should do the same. Appreciate the friendship you had but don't let her have the power over you. She feels like she can hang out with you whenever, she's taking you for granted. And I know that there isn't always going to be good friends in your life to talk to and hang out with, but it changes. If your social life isn't going very well, just focus on yourself. Act on your talents. Do/find what interests you. You'll be so caught up in doing stuff you love that friends will just come naturally, you'll meet them through what you like (:

totally! I completely agree. I've done it to people too and I understand how it feels now. I am so grateful to hear all your life stories to relize that I am not the only one going through pain and moving on. :D. You all ROCK! :D:D:D