When Will the Pain Go Away??

I just lost my best friend of 15 years... We were actually married for some of that time and then became better friends then we were husband and wife. I have remarried and have had two kids since, but we always remained friends not matter what was going on in the other persons life.. He just recently (last 6 months) become engaged to someone who doesn't want him to be friends with me, she thinks its weird. He also was the godfather of my first daughter, for which his fiance also thought was weird. Well needless to say he has choosen her over our 15 year friendship and I can't tell you how much this has been hurting and haunting me the last few weeks.. I don't know how to handle it. He has also deleted himself from mine and all our friends facebook accounts and his email is no longer valid... He has completely disappeared.. All of our friends are saying to give him time that we are meant to be in each others lives, but you don't get to come and go as a friend.. You stick together through thick and thin no matter what... I could really use some advice on how to go on...

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I understand what your going through. I am going through somthing like that too. I had a best friend who was my ex ironic. i guess he dosent want to talk to me anymore. New gf. I miss him so much. NEVER THOUGHT WE WOULDNT TALK ANYMORE. All you can do is appreciate the people in your life. I haven't had a relationship with somone who was my best friend since. A few relationships no best friends. Next time i do if i ever do i will never let them go.

I completely agree with you Airborne. I haven't spoken with him since the middle of February, nor have I tried contacting him in anyway. I know it will get old and he will come back as if nothing happened, but I won't let him do that to me. He hurt me to badly and I will never forgive him for what he did.

Let him go, he will come back. I think she is threatened by you and a bit jealous of the relationship you and him had. Maybe she wanted the same thing and hasn't gotten the same feeling from him that she feels he gives you. She can't force him to delete everyone from his world, it will never work out anyway, she is to insecure. She is probably a "up your butt" kinda person and doesn't want him out of her sight, it is a new relationship for him, it will get "old" real quick!

Are you happy with your relationship,,,That other woman that your friend is with she feels treated by you,,,so give them both time to grow secure with their relationship,,,and things will change,,,and than maybe you can than be friends with her too,,,my ex and I are kinda friends,,but he dose not have anyone in his life and I want him to have someone that loves him,,,he was wonderful to me,,,and I still love him,,,but I am not the same person any more,,,I want him to move on,,,it would help my children too if he did,,,cause they think if I was not married to Gary then I would go back to him,,,well I hope I have helped a little,,,love and light mary

i agree 100% with lady jane