Could Not Do Anything To Save My Best Friend Purvi

 am staying in india i had a best friend name purvi .WE were frnds from childhood due to my studies i had to leave and come to mumbai i was only eight yrs old when i left her. even though i was staying in mumbai we still maintained our frndship .every summer i use to go to her house or she would could come to my house. Years passed like wind and i was in 10th grade and my board exams were getting over and our family had planned to got to her for summer vaccation. 3 days after there came i call that my frnd purvi is not there anyomore in this world she had commmited suicide.I was really shocked don't know how to react  to it i felt like wht the the hell i wasnt able to breath . as soon we came to know abt this we went to her house and there we came to know the reason of her suicide that she was in love with someguy in that village and her father came to know abt this and he fixed her marriage with someother guy  due to this idiotic reason she committed suicide with her lover .actually she was afraid of her father.i know her father he is very strict if she disobeys him than he can kill her i know he is very danger even i am afraid of him.Indian fathers are always like that. I was crying like a mad that day  i lost my best frnd i ever had. now it is alomst three years i misss her . I am only sharing this with u guys cauz i want to show u all how best frnd we we r.

kagome30 kagome30
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1 Response Feb 7, 2010

that's really sad. may god give you the strength to cope with this. its never easy to lose a best friend.