I Lost My Dad To Multiple Cancers

Losing my Dad to cancer was one of the most heart aching experiences. He had a blood disorder called essential thrombocythemia which effected his platelets. He took medication to avoid getting Leukaemia and other cancers. The medical profession failed him as they did not detect the fact he had Leukaemia and Myelo Proliferative Disease which stemmed from this disorder. We found out 4 days before he died after months of useless unnecessary tests that he had these illnesses. We stayed with him in the hospital as we were told he only had 24 hours left. I nursed him continuously and every 5 minutes over 48 hours I dampened his mouth with water. He was sedated for comfort which meant he could not respond to much. 24 hours before he died he shouted for his Mum who died in 1965, that was his last word. During that week, he told me he spoke to his aunty, his mum and our dog was in the room, all signs of which his guardian angels were waiting. On the evening of 18th July 2013 he passed, I placed my hand on his chest and held his hand, I closed my eyes and I asked for his angels to come forward to help him. I needed them to take him and keep him safe and to take away the pain, within 2 minutes his breathing changed and I called for the rest of my family to come quick. They just made it in time as he drew his last breath. It was shear panic watching him go as I knew that this was the end and the last time I would have my dad. I cry each day as this could have been prevented. I miss him so much as he was a so much fun, loving, supportive, a joker, my rock and my inspiration. The frustrating thing about it all, was that he was a fitness fanatic, at nearly 80 he was full of energy, he would go to advanced keep fit sessions twice a week, walk, cycle, go on holidays, entertain his grand children, maintain the property and much more. He had so many friends that they filled the church on the day of his funeral. What keep me going is the fact we had a great life with him and we did all we could to help him, whether he was ill or not. I have no regrets and I can never say the words "I wish I had". After upset I am now very angry and upset about the whole thing. Time is a healer and I will stay strong for my Mum and children. I just wish it could have been different.
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I am sorry for your loss, I lost my dad in 86, not to cancer but it was really hard, because we were close too. Now my mom is close to loosing her battle with lung cancer that has spread to her brain and bones. Cancer is such a horrible disease, and it is so hard to watch a loved one's health degrade, and see the pain that the cancer and treatment causes them. I think you have it right, focus on the good things, and cherish the memories.

Thank you. It is hard, harder yet when they tell you he was treatable, giving us hope at the time. I am sorry to hear about your mum, I hope, that where ever you are, they look after her well and support you through it all. All the very best.