I Feel Your Presence Every Day

my father passed away in September of last year.  It was sudden and tragic and I did share are story here. 

There are days I just think he's there and then There are days I can really feel my dad's presence and know that he is there like today.    Lately things have been hard.  His graveyard plaque arrived and that made things real, his birthday is coming up in May so that has been hard to deal with too.

I think he knows we miss him. 


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I just lost my dad last friday to a rare disease CJD. He survived a liver transplant early this year and was so healthy! He went in for a biopsy Aug. 2nd and is now gone. He raised me and we were very close...I am not sure how to cope. Days are getting better, but I have such a hard time going to sleep. I am so sorry for your loss...I hope it gets better for you.

thank you, sometimes I feel like this grieving process is taking too long. <br />
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Its now april and May is next month. I know the whole family is VERY aware his birthday is coming up<br />
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to make matters even harder, HOUSE had an episode where a man had LOCKED IN syndrome. That's exactly what my dad had. It made me wonder if he was thinking those same things. <br />
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If you haven't seen it, it will air on line in a few days

I am truly sorry for the loss. I myself lost my mother while a senior in highschool. The best advice that I had ever received was to grieve however you feel. There is no right and wrong, and no particular time limit. They say there are certain stages that you pass through. This is true, however, there is no certain order in which they will appear. <br />
I feel her presence at times as well. I smell her perfume, almost hear her laughter when I do something awkward. It gets hard on memorable days, for instance, my wedding, my graduation, her birthdays, the day of her death. After a while, I can assure you that you will recall your father on those days with nothing but love and fondness. Gradually, the numbness will deepen to depression, and finally- to a bittersweet remembrance. Just keep in mind, all parents want us to succeed, to keep pushing through- and of course, to continue the legacy that they started by raising us. I have faith this will strengthen you in time and will encourage you to keep only those memories that will make you smile, laugh, and comfort you. God Bless.

Lost mine as a kid, just before Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving, and Christmas was a HUGE Deal for us as a family.<br />
That was one lonely table.<br />
<br />
It still sucks, but it could have been worse had he lived.<br />
He had so many things going wrong with him, which included lung and brain cancer. <br />
<br />
But to this day I still miss him and yes at times I know he is near by, just keeping an eye on things. ^^

It's always hard, even after the first year. Just cherish your wonderful memories and know that you were loved.

thank you, <br />
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I hope so too. The first year is hard. <br />
<br />
First birthday May<br />
first christmas<br />
one year anniversary september<br />
<br />
It doesn't hurt as much but i'm always reminded of the void and emptiness.

I'm sorry about your losing your dad. It is so hard to get over losing loved ones who were so close to us. I know it never goes away but I hope with time your sorrow will lessen. I wish you all the best.