Happy Birthday By The Way You Are Now Unemployed

July 14, 2010.

Yesterday was  a day like every other at least it started that way.

For the past three and a half years I put my life on hold to help a young doctor run her practice. I sacrificed friends, lovers and family to be able to work sixty to eighty hours a week. Yes I was paid a  lot of money for my twenty seven year experience in the same field.

Did  I digress?  I went to work like every other day after I dropped my daughter off at her job,I drove the 50 minutes to work, I arrived 30 minutes early like every day. I turned on the computers had a diet coke Just like every other day.


I worked with my patients, helped them with their issues, called the lab argued about delayed orders. Just like any other day.

Finished the day's receipts cleaned off my desk and headed out. Gave a doctor a verbal summary of the day's outstanding events just like every other day.

Then it happened, the words that hit me like a ton of bricks. Today is your last day, your services are no longer needed, here is your severance check for 2 weeks, BYE!

So that is why you had a locksmith come by I would have given you the keys back I have not made any copies, damn it they are Medeco Keys, you can not make copies! Plus when would I have the money to pay for that it's like $50 for each key!

Bye! She walks away You are dismissed get out.

After three and a half years, not even a I am sorry I just cannot afford you, I hate you, I think you are wrong for my office now. Nothing just BYE~!

Ah but I just turned fifty who is going to hire me? Who is going to pay me even half of what I am worth? How will I avoid losing my home? And how in the hell did I get myself in this situation? Why, why did I allow myself to get in this situation with only one job and no back up plan?


46-50, F
Jul 14, 2010