An Angel At Rest

I lost my mother at the very young age of 2. I had no idea what was going on. Now that Im older i understand. Cystic Fybrosis is the cause for her death.To loose someone that special is like to loose all you ever loved, To loose all confiedence in yourself. I go to school and im bullied because I don't have a mom. It's hard to deal with. Now for the story part.

It was August 30 2002. My mom was at the hospital saying her goodbys. I was there on her chest. Then, she said to my father as her last words, tare care of Jared. God, I am ready! And she died. The doctor tried to remove me but my dad tells me from what he remembers i would not let go. I cry every time I go see her grave. I miss you mom! i know people say " Jennifer is dead and not here." I disagree to that false statement, A loved one is always there for you. Just because there not there phisically, there in your heart! I love you mom!
jared71 jared71
May 13, 2012