Dear Mommy, (poem)

Dear Mommy,

I want to wish you farewell

Because as you go to heaven, I’m leaving to hell

A life to live, without you by my side

Is leaving me feeling cold inside

I want to tell you how much you are missed

I miss your good morning hugs, your good night kiss

Mommy I love you and I can’t see you leave

I feel like my life is falling away at the seams

I want you to know that I’m still your little boy

Every memory I have, brings me some joy

I miss our talks that go on late in the night

I even miss our petty arguments and fights

I miss your smile, your touch and I miss your love

Your’e gone now Mommy, in heaven above

You won’t be forgotten, you’ll always be here

In my heart, your memories are dear

No matter how tough the road ahead must be

I will always remember how much you loved me

All the support and the care, you were the best

Now you have some time, you can finally rest

I can sleep easy knowing that you’re in a better place

But no one can ever hope to replace

The mother I have, the mother I had

The mother I lost, it makes me so sad

To know that you’ll never meet the love of my life

Hold my first born, or meet my wife

It brings tears to my eyes, losing you now

I can’t see why, I can’t imagine how

Such an innocent life, can be taken from me

But at least now I know, you’re finally free

From the shackles of life, escaping the pain

Escaping the sadness, losing in this game

I know how you felt when you were sad and you cried

I just wish you knew you had me by your side

I was always there, but you never understood

How much I cared, but you were just misunderstood

And now I can’t tell you, how much I loved you

And how much I cared, how much you grew

Now you’re dead and I can’t bring you back

It’s like it’s over; it’s all pitch black

But as I realize, it’s true, you’re really gone

I look to the horizon and find a new dawn

Life isn’t over, it’s just begun

I’m still your boy, I’m still your son

You may be gone, but I’m still here

So I will make you proud, my dear

I love you mom, today and always

I will never forget you, until the end of my days

You’ll remain in my heart, Mommy, I promise.

I’ll always love you. Sincerely,

anex1496 anex1496
18-21, M
2 Responses Dec 11, 2012

Reading this really hit home for me. I'm sixteen and I lost my mother almost seven years ago and it still pains me every day. I hope you are doing well and stay strong because it's all you can do. :)

this was absolutely beautiful. im bookmarking this so i can read this everyday<3 thank you. i lost my mother as well. thank you for this, i appreciate it. i understood every word. i wish you the best in life. xoxox she loves you with her whole heart. forever.

Thank you for your noce words :) please feel free to print it out and tape it on your wall or something.