I Miss Her So Much

On February 28, 2010, my mom passed away. Just two days before, she seemed fine. She just had a cough and a runny nose. Everyone thought she just had a cold. It turned out that she had congestive heart failure. On Saturday, I heard an odd noise coming from her room. I rushed in to find her without a pulse and not breathing. I called 911 and then gave her CPR. She was taken to the hospital where she lived for another 14 hours, but never came to. I just want to see her one more time. I want to talk to her again. I honestly don't see how this is going to get better. I'm just going to miss her more and more each and every day.


Her funeral was yesterday. It was so beautiful. I know that it's exactly how she would have wanted it. In a few months, we're going to the ocean to spread her ashes. She always wanted to go, so we're going to fulfill that wish.

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2 Responses Mar 4, 2010

I too am sooooo sorry for your loss. I know you'll always miss her, but she would not want you to give up on life. I'm sure Shepherdess is right, your mother surely had hopes & dreams for you. Try to remember what she'd want for you. It may sound silly but keep talking to her, Talk to her whenever you want. She will hear you and even though you can't see her she will always be with you.

I'm so sorry for your loss. Try to live for her and remember her hopes and dreams for you. You'll miss her physical presence terribly but concentrate on her and you'll feel the love she has now and always for you.