One of My Favorite Actors

He is beautiful. Especially in these two movies: Legends of the Fall and Interview With the Vampire. Even if for no other reason than because his hair is so long. I have imagined it cascading all around my face when he hovers over me....

I think a good strong fantasy is a useful thing to be able to call upon from time to time.

Brad is also great to watch in Fight Club in which his body is so sculpted he appears to have been peeled out of an Anatomy Drawing textbook.

Troy showcased Brad in a wonderful black leather miniskirt and muscularly built-up to portray Achilles but more closely resembled Statuary of a Greek God.

I don't wish to go into commenting on his personal life in any aspect. I really do believe American tabloids and paparazzi have gone way far beyond 'ridiculously invasive'. Paps and tabs certainly have no rights to do so nor are they entitled to do so on the principle of an individual being in the entertainment industry. After Princess Diana needlessly died avoiding their pursuit, International Laws should have been made to prevent such invasion on anyone again. Photos on the red carpet are about all that fans and the public are entitled to see.

He happens to be one of my fave actors. Great in dramatic roles and I love his comic delivery. The "Ocean's" series have so many really funny scenes. His banter with George Clooney makes you feel like they're best buddies and know each other well. Now there's a couple of guys I'd like to have a beer with...

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So, perhaps Saturday night we can cruise with B & G for some drinks?<br />
<br />
I just saw Fight Club yesterday (for about the 239th time) and ooohhhhh, he's just SO yummmmmy! I love how he plays crazy in this role and in 12 Monkeys. In Fight Club he is just so sinewy and cut with those abs...ok I have to go shower again. :)

I think I loved Brad from when we first met, when he was in Thelma and Louise. Of course, we met by way of a movie screen...not flesh to flesh. oooooo, just that thought gives me chills. He creates a sweaty heat throughout my body not attributed to perimenopause. Mmmmm, such a tasty morsel. <br />
<br />
In the early 90's, I had a boyfriend who resembled Brad. Washboard abs, hard biceps, bad boy, long hair, crazy fun, wild smile, chiseled looks, unpredictable. Yes, Dave was my drug of choice, being that Brad Pitt would never be looking for me in real life. I'm so glad I have the kind of memory activity that I do.

Ooooh I loved him in Interview with a Vampire!! <br />
HOT!<br />
HOT!<br />