Sex With Old Men

What I have found over the years has been the best sex ever with old ugly men ,when they get the go a head for sex is they really take there time and that means the best orgasams young guys are so in love with them selfs they dont take the time to please the woman only them self give me old farts any time hehe
uksandie uksandie
12 Responses Dec 2, 2012

thank you for the compliment. I always try to please my partner before myself. unless she like being used and rough and to please myself first. but I make sure she gets what she wants also.

i would love to spend time to please you mmm

i think older men and i am speaking for my self also i like to make a woman happy more than my own needs to see a woman have a strong climax is the biggest turn on for me

Thank you for the compliment. As an older guy, I've realized how easy it is to make me *** and how difficult to bring a woman to ******. Consequently, I focus solely on bringing my partner to ****** multiple times before I ever think of ******* myself. It makes my partner feel special and I am just as fulfilled sexually and mentally I feel gratified to know I have made them feel special. Besides, I love giving oral sex!

Don't know if I like being called an old fart but you are right about taking the time. I love to make a gal ****** so much she begs me to stop and slam it home

want to chat with an old fart

yes Ill chat to a sexy old man hehe

I love your view point!! when you stop by Houston .......

I do so enjoy pleasing my lover . That helps get me off.

I'm glad you appreciate the talents that are developed over a lifetime. It is an incredible pleasure to pleasure a woman.

id take my time with you honey xxxx

Thanks, and I agree! They don't have to be ugly, but just over 60 to really know how to bring out the best in a woman.

yes ur so dam right Sir

I guess what you may have seen. Is that some of the older men have forgot what sex or love was like. They have not had the pleasure of it for some time.
I know what I am, and I will not disclose what type I am. Some time an older man could be rough being with. And again could be very gentle. Afraid of being hurt or hurt someone.
Thank you for sharing your thought.