Seducing You

I would dress in a black cocktail dress, stockings, high heels, low cut bra and black thong..... Some eye make up, smooth red lipstick and invite you for dinner. Would that be enough to seduce you?
Bianca93 Bianca93
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36 Responses Jan 7, 2013

A damn good start! ;)

The deed is done. Seduce me you would, the only thing better is if you had no panties on under that dress. Love it

And we'd dine at whatever restaurant you'd wish !!!

That would be a great start....... but what do I have to do to seduce you..... its a two way street

Hmmm "hard" not to -)

You'd have me eating out of the palm of your hand. Unless there's some other body part you'd rather have me eating out of…

Oh, good lord yes...!!!

That would certainly be a start...

soinds good;)

It might take more. Are you intelligent,educated,honest,do you have a sense of humor, sense of adventure,do you like people in general, do you treat others with empathy? All these and more appeal to older men whose brains aren't mainly meatloaf made from a mad cow.,

Why yes it would. Please add me


Yes, yes, and yes!!! :)

To be quite honest no it would not be enough to seduce me. Seduction is more than a visual thing there are other aspects as well. It would be more than enough to keep me interested, with a few placed words, a soft almost accidental touch of the skin, then perhaps it would be enough.

Really well I'm not an older guy but looking at you, you could turn up in sweat pants no make up scratching your crotch and I'd be seduced

If you dangle your heels so I can see if your feet are as pretty as the rest of you that would do the trick! Would you consider adding me so I can see your pics?

oh yea

That's too much, I'll dine with you with nothing on and you can be my dessert.

you can seduce me anytime


Maybe leave off the black thong ;) xx

Definately, yes and then even your smile seduces me!

Its a great start

I adore older men. It is their eyes and how they ache for me. The Goddess in me can never resist an older man's worshiping.

Wow, did you try it? Did it work?

**** YA!!!!

Love the story...only wished it had gone on to the finish.

this old man in fl agrees

Would be a good start ;)

Now that would be a c... hardening picture.Im sold already!

You are so beautiful you could dress in a rag and you would still look stunning , it would definitely work with me.

It would be one hell of a start

Sure would! I have a soft spot for younger women!

Oh yeah. You had me long before I even finished the sentence.

It would be a good start. Add me if u want to know more


Baby you had me seduced at "I would..."!