Shorts Even When It's Cool

I like to wear short shorts as much as possible, even when the weather is getting cool and I have to wear a jacket with them. This year I was lucky with the weather and could wear shorts regularly even in late October, altho I did start wearing longer shorts eventually. Now it's often below freezing so I don't wear shorts. On the other hand, we are supposed to have a December warm spell coming up for a few days (over 60F or 16C) so who knows....
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4 Responses Dec 2, 2012

You look great in shorts! In the UK now the fashion for shorts is getting shorter down to 5.5inch inseam which is great, would be great if it went back to nylon shorts with a 2 inch inseam. Mens short fashion in the UK is dictated by our sportsmen mainly football/soccer with players like Ronaldo, Alexis and others rolling up their shorts now to make them shorter
I was in IKEA a couple of weeks ago and there was a guy in nylon running shorts he looked amazing in them! Muscular legs! What isn't masculine about a fit man in short shorts?
Well I have my red short shiny Umbro shorts on today so I'm feeling good!

PS You look good yourself, love the bulge.

I lived and worked with several blokes who wore low slung their football shorts all year round, even when it snowed. Not as cold as your North American winters, but still bloody cold. The ****** looked good in them too, and they knew it.

Great shorts photo. Those shorts look really hot! What kind of shorts is that?

The shorts are very old french football shorts. They are made of heavy nylon satin and have a rear pocket which is convenient. The brand is Trevois, which I don't think is made anymore. They are showing more and more signs of wear, but I do like them even if they are a bit too small. I have a white pair too.

I wish you could post more photos of those shorts. And of the white ones too ;-)